Growing your Instagram in the age of ‘Influencers’

How to Grow your Instagram in 2019

Instagram has become a big deal when it comes to advertising whether it’s your business, your skills, your knowledge or basically anything which you love and would like people to know about. As much as I love that each individual has something unique to offer, it has become extremely difficult to get your content noticed and make yourself stand out in the crowd of tons and tons of influencers.

In today’s post, I would like to share some tips which have helped me out in growing my IG audience.

Tip 1) Content is and will be the King!

You have heard this tip a 1000 times before but you know it’s true! It’s very important to find something which will make your content unique. If you want to get in fashion, find out what gaps there are when it comes to sharing style advice, where can other influencers improve and how you can do it first! I have seen so many bloggers who did an amazing job in terms of making their pictures unique by experimenting with different angles, different color palettes, different editing styles and grew massively in short period of time! The important thing is to keep experimenting, doing your research and never stop learning.

Tip 2) Consistency but Quality over Quantity

It’s very difficult to get anyone’s attention in real life, let alone getting it online! As much as It’s important to post consistently, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. I have prioritized quantity over quality in my past and all it did was it left me stressed me out to the point of getting anxiety and left me unsatisfied with pretty much everything I posted. I was posting 6 times a week before with I think less than average pictures but now I post 3-4 times a week with better pictures and it has paid off! Come up with a posting schedule you can keep up with whether it’s pictures or videos and try to stick to it as much as you can. Once you start being consistent, your audience will slowly get adapted to your schedule and will be looking forward to your posts on their feeds.

Tip 3) Toss that Follow/Follow out the window

I know we are always desperate to gain more followers but follow for follow trick doesn’t work anymore if you want a genuinely engaged audience. Follow for follow often result in dead followers and bots who are just following you, you got it right “just for the vanity number”

What works: Share for Share method where you share each other’s posts/feed on your stories and it gives your posts a lot of exposure to other people’s audience who might be interested in your content.

Tip 4) Organize giveaways which are relevant to your audience

Even though there’s a lot of competition, giveaways still seem to work amazingly to grow your audience. But make sure your giveaways are relevant to your niche and followers so that you attract the right audience.

Below are my answers to some of your questions you guys asked me regarding IG Struggles:

  1. Growth and Inspiration: For growth, be patient and don’t give up! It’s going to be slow but I promise if your content is valuable and high quality, you’ll be able to build a loyal audience. When it comes to inspiration, there are a lot of things! My best suggestions would be to look up your IG explore page, specific hashtags relevant to your content, Pinterest and sometimes google images also have tons of inspirational pictures.
  2. Best Times to Post: I have personally found IG insights to be most reliable for my posts than other apps which provide insights. But every account is different and it’s advisable to experiment with different posting times and comparing which posts get the most likes/engagement.
  3. Low Engagement: I believe our captions make a huge difference when it comes to making people hit that comment button. Make sure the first line of your caption is catchy, something your followers can relate to, a caption which can start up a conversation, asking simple questions and telling a story rather than stating the obvious.
  4. Not enough time to engage: This is an issue even I struggle with! If only we had more than 24 hours to do everything in our chaotic lives. Try to fit small period of engaging times in your schedule. May be you can engage for 10 minutes while drinking your coffee and having breakfast or fitting in 20 minutes for replying to your followers while having lunch. Even 30 minutes of engaging on IG daily will pay off with establishing relationship with your audience.

Other Hacks/Tips which might be helpful:

  1. Improve your stories’ reach by using hashtags and location sticker. I have noticed that sometimes your stories don’t get added to hashtags for various reasons, it’s so weird but it happens! Some of the reasons are stickers being too far up or down on your stories, hashtags not having enough stories added to them so look up the hashtags before adding them on your stories. Also if your stories don’t get enough views on the hashtags you added
  2. Don’t post the same picture twice: we have all been there when we want to make some changes to a post so we decide to delete it altogether and upload it again! I have always observed that no matter how beautiful that picture is, it won’t perform well so I would leave the post alone
  3. Share Quotes on your feed: Real life quotes are something that are always relatable and get shared by a lot of people which gives your account tons of exposure. This will also help you maintain a cohesive aesthetic and save you some effort if you’re short on time.
  4. Don’t hurt your reach: Your reach can decline by doing something as innocent as deleting your posts! I don’t have anything to prove it but when I was revamping my feed, I deleted and archived a lot of posts which affected my reach/impressions dramatically!! I struggled for 3 weeks to get my engagement back to normal and swore to never delete my posts again! Another thing which might get your account flagged and even blocked is using banned hashtags. There’s a long list of banned hashtags which can hurt your account. Some hashtags as innocent as #beautyblogger so make sure you check the hashtags before using them.

So these were some of the tips which have helped me out with my account’s growth and I hope these help you out too! Thank you so much for reading my post. Feel free to leave any questions in your comment and I’ll get back to you 😊

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