Shaving Routine to Avoid Ingrown hair

Best Products to avoid Ingrown hair

Hello Beautiful People!

In today’s post, we are getting real! I’m pretty sure a lot of girls struggle with it and go through this pain so I’m hoping this post helps you out.

As you already know from the title, it’s all about shaving!! How many of us hate shaving and thinks it’s a tedious job?? You’re amazing if you don’t!!

As much as I hate shaving, it’s the potential aftermath of itchy ingrown hair that I hate more. Fortunately, for the past 2 years my ingrown hair has reduced tremendously because of my shaving routine and the combination of products I use. Find all the details below ⬇⬇

Step 1: Prep your skin

It makes a big difference when you prep your skin for shaving instead of hopping in your bath tub and just start dragging razor across your legs with no moisture or no prepping what so ever! Please be kind to your skin and let your skin soak in water for at least 5 minutes and then proceed to apply some shaving gel. I personally love using Tend skin’s Air Shave Gel for my sensitive skin. I love that Air shave Gel doesn’t lather up because the foam actually dries out my skin. It goes on clear and instantly softens my skin. Bonus tip: Shave the most sensitive areas AKA areas more prone to ingrown hair very last like for me it’s my under arms so I leave the shaving gel there for the longest time and shave it at the very end.

Best Products to avoid Ingrown hair

Step 2: Use a good quality razor

Use a razor which has at least 3 or 5 blades to shave the hard to reach areas like around your ankles or any curvy area like your knees. I prefer Schick or Billie razors over Venus because I have found they are easier to maneuver if it makes sense LOL.

Step 3: Apply Tend skin’s solution to avoid razor bumps and ingrown hair

shaving tips to avoid ingrown hair

I cannot emphasize how important this step is! You remember that auntie asking you if you need Aloe vera gel after you get your eye brows done?? It’s because you need to close the pores after hair removal (there might be some other technical explanation or science behind that but this is just my understanding so let’s roll with it)

tend skin skin solution
Look at how abused my last bottle is!!

Simply put, you need to show some love to your skin after making it go through the torture of razors and avoid razor bumps/ingrown hair. I have been using The Skin Care solution by Tend Skin for past 2 years (you can see how abused my last bottle is) 😂😂 I take cotton rounds to apply this solution all across my shaved areas, especially my underarms. Remember to do a patch test on your hand before using it on your legs or any delicate area.

Last step: Drench your skin with moisturizer

This is pretty self explanatory, isn’t it!

And that’s it! You’re all set to wrap yourself in the blanket with a bucket of gelato and game of thrones, just me? Oh well 🤣🤣

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