3 Ways to Style a Slip Dress

Styling slip dress

Hello Beautiful People!

Welcome back to my page! So how often do you find yourself standing in front of your dresses and brainstorming the worst situations leading to a wardrobe malfunction in front of the crowd! Just me?? Oh well…😝I do that especially when it comes to slip dresses or strapless clothing.

Now days there are so many ways to wear a piece of clothing because fashion is totally subjective. So here are 3 ways I would wear my slip dress!

Outfit 1) Classic style

It was obvious wasn’t it, I’m not that risky of a fashionista yet πŸ˜‚ For this outfit I have worn it simply with small cross body bag and strappy heels. You can totally choose to wear the dress with fanny packs and define your waist but i personally don’t like that trendπŸ™ˆ

Outfit 2) The office chic

Styling slip dress

This will totally be chic as well as appropriate for your work if they allow you to wear dresses. I was going to wear it with classic black blazer but to make it more fun, I went with plaid blazer. It’s important to consider the length of your blazer for this outfit. If it’s too short or too long, it won’t look put together for work. You can also pair it with a white button down for a polished look.

Outfit 3) Just grabbing some groceries in my slip dress look

If somebody told you your dress is too fancy for grabbing groceries, who cares! You do you!! For this look I have paired a graphic tee, slip dress and black sneakers because of course I have to be comfortable shoving the heavy bag of potatoes in the trunk of my car πŸ˜†

So that is all for today’s post! Thank you so much for being here, it means a lot to me ❀ Let me know which look was your favorite!

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